Open Wheeler Video Game Cockpit Review (Page 2)

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Driving Chairs

Steer the swiftest and most exciting race cars... in your hall

Single-seater cars are the quickest and most enthralling race cars to navigate, being the best way for ambitious racers to master their trade. This is owing to their light weight, aerodynamic characteristics, forceful motors, which are good for their cost. Before joining the F1 echelons virtually all Formula 1 drivers spend some interval in various open-wheeler categories. Yet, you have to bear in mind that the vehicles do not particularly resemble road cars, and that aerodynamics prefer superior drivers over weaker rivals, which makes overtaking hard to achieve, not to allude to the fragility of the vehicles making bumping and jostling routine in touring and stock car racing nigh impossible - well, only some single-seater categories will drag huge audiences.

What a video game racer necessitates for total gaming control

But at the same time, however, OpenWheeler, being a game chair, offers stability and satisfaction you won't come across that easy. It has a plain design yet is buttressed by high quality constituents which make it a unique and eminently suitable device as far as any racing game wheel and racing home video game platform is concerned. The chassis and the racing cockpit itself deliver all the stability a video game racer needs for total game control.