Open Wheeler Video Game Cockpit Review (Page 4)

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Driving Seats

OpenWheeler. A rail sliding car driving seat. Sheer racing simulation

And, as for the coming of OpenWheeler on the stage - well, it arrives with an actual car game driving cockpit built just for motor racing, which superbly fits the chassis mount like a glove! In fact, the creators sustained the original mounting base, thus permitting players to glide the seat back and forth so as to accomplish their most favoured driving position. This renders OpenWheeler a genuine racing device with a remarkably adjustable functionality. The cockpit provides the racer with the feeling delivered by a genuine racing vehicle and at the same time completes the single-seater simulator's structure. And the atmosphere is unbelievable where you can't contrast it with anything else played before, and, with the racers feeling in control the whole time, it provides for full car simulation! As it is, we can go as far as to say that, with the right home video game racing wheel, the car driving seat becomes into the ultimate virtual gadget.

An entirely adjustable racing cockpit simulator

OpenWheeler offers a lifelong guarantee and is constructed with exceptionally lightweight yet durable materials. It is easy to assemble. It is foldaway for easy storage as well. It's the greatest and most viable solution for those home racing simulations which offers an unbelievable lifelike experience. OpenWheeler comes as a totally flexible game driving chair which slides back and forth on solid steel rails. Equally, the video game driving wheel is also flexible, this being in terms of height, and, as for the different size specifications, the pedal mount can be adjusted to fit these as well. You'll also see it's consistent with all major steering video game wheel and home video driving game console models.